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Invisalign® Before & After

    after image This patient had some of the upper front teeth bite behind the lower front teeth, this is also called an anterior cross bite.
    after imageClass II is also called an overbite, when the lower back teeth bite too far behind the upper creating an overbite in the front.
    after imageCrowding in the front teeth with good molar relationship.
    after imageThe upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much creating a deep bite.
    after imageSpacing between the front teeth.
    after imageMild Spacing.
    after imageMild crowding.
    after imageModerate crowding.
    after imageModerate spacing.
    after imageAn open bite is when the front teeth do not overlap properly.
    after imageOverbite and crowding, followed by restorative treatment to fix shape and discolorations.
    after imageCross bite and crowding.
    after imageSevere crowding.
    after imageSevere gapping and spacing.

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