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If you live within 200 miles.... you should walk there!

Dr. Jorgensen and his staff are amazing. I was so worried about getting braces in my adult years and they set my mind at ease. It was so worth it. I would recommend Dr. J's office to everyone. The staff was so nice, caring and concerned about me, my smile and my well being. I have also had two of my children get braces through Dr. J's office. We moved to Dr. J's office from a different orthodontist in California. It was night and day the difference! I cannot say enough nice things about his office. If you live within 200 miles of Dr. Jorgensen's office, you should walk there…He is worth it. He has changed my life forever. Well, maybe not my life, but definitely my SMILE!

Kristin Skinner
Rio Rancho, NM

...And it all happened so fast!

Good friends of ours recommended Jorgensen Orthodontics when we began looking into braces for our 8 year old son. (He had a horrible overbite/open bite from being an avid thumb sucker for the previous 8 years!)

From that very first consultation we knew that Dr. Jorgensen's office was the place for our son and we couldn't be more happy with the results. Our (now) 9 year old has perfect teeth and a dazzling smile, and it all happened so fast! Dr. J and his staff have made our whole family feel welcome and comfortable during every visit. The kids LOVE the arcade games, and not to mention the tray of fresh-from-the-oven cookies when we walk in the door (okay...I like them too!)

When our friends, family and even strangers complement our son's beautiful teeth, we don't hesitate for a moment to recommend Dr. J's practice. We tell everybody that he is a genius at what he does, hands down.

Brianna Saban
Albuquerque, NM

My children look forward to their appointments...

Earlier in my life I absolutely dreaded going to the Orthodontist. Needless-to-say, I dreaded taking my children even more. From the very first moment our family visited Dr. Greg Jorgensen’s office until the completion of our first phase of treatment, it has been a wonderful experience. The staff is professional, kind, and considerate, and makes you feel as though you’re the only appointment scheduled. Dr. J and his staff make it super fun for the kids, with special prizes and drawings, freshly baked cookies, a mini-arcade, and a great kid-friendly atmosphere. My children look forward to their appointments at Dr. J’s!

Dr. Jorgensen is truly the very best orthodontist. He amazingly combines cutting edge technology, outstanding quality service, with sincere concern for his patients—he puts 100% in every visit. The tone of the office is very pleasant and uplifting shifting any anxiety to neutrality with positive results. I have and will continue recommending anyone needing orthodontic services to Dr. Greg Jorgensen and am honored to do so. My children’s teeth are absolutely beautiful thanks to Dr. Jorgensen.

Laurene Harris
Rio Rancho, NM

It's not the way I remember ortho!

I have had two of my children treated by Dr. Jorgensen and his wonderful staff.  My third child is just beginning treatment. Dr. J. has made ortho treatment an absolutely fun experience. My kids love it when they have an appointment. It's not the way I remember ortho! They tell all their friends about Dr. J. and his office and how hip and fun it is! Thanks Dr. J. and staff—We'll be seeing you for child #4 I'm sure!

Sharmen Moseley
Rio Rancho, NM

Exceptional service

Our family has had a great experience with Dr. Jorgensen and his office. We were referred to another orthodontist with our first daughter. We visited the other office for a consultation but were not taken with the other office. A friend referred us to Dr. Jorgensen and immediately the atmosphere of the office, the wonderful staff and Dr. Jorgensen, was very relaxing and inviting. We knew this was where we would have our daughter's braces done. When it came time several years later to have our second daughter's braces done, there was no question that we would return to Dr. Jorgensen. When people ask, I am always confident to refer this office for their braces. We have experienced exceptional service from not only Dr. Jorgensen, but all of his wonderful staff members. Every time our daughters smile, with confidence, it is because of this office.

Anita Suazo
Albuquerque, NM

They treat us like family here!

We love Dr. Jorgensen's office because they are always friendly, professional, and quick. They treat us like family here! We feel like the staff is very knowledgeable and stays current with new techniques and procedures. Our kids never complain about coming to Dr. Jorgensen's office. We are on our second generation of being part of Dr. Jorgensen's orthodontic office family! Thanks for the terrific smiles!

Angela Adams
Rio Rancho, NM

Thank you for... taking the "scary" out of braces!

We were so impressed with Dr. Jorgensen's office the first time we came in for an evaluation. His office staff and friendly, welcoming environment made my son comfortable during a possibly scary procedure.  My son quickly welcomed returning time after time for all his necessary visits. I never had to fight with him to go see Dr. Jorgensen. The office is so professional and run in a very efficient manner. I feel confident in the treatment my son is receiving. In fact, now that I need to get braces for my second child, there is no question that Dr. Jorgensen is the orthodontist for the job. My second son is so excited for his turn! Thank you for all that you've done for us and for taking the "scary" out of braces.

Kimberly Martinez
Albuquerque, NM

...Dr. J and his staff give back to the community

My family and I love the cookies but we also enjoy the warm and friendly staff. The upbeat personality of Dr. Jorgensen makes anyone at least forget about any chaos for those few minutes while at the office. I enjoy how he and his staff give back to the community by hosting fun family events and for encouraging the patients in whatever their interests are. What's fun is that Dr. Jorgensen and his staff are like family—They have been a part of our family's lives. Thank you Dr. J. and Staff for our pearly smiles.

Lulu Reyes-Burke
Rio Rancho, NM

My son is anxious... and Dr. J made him feel very comfortable

We had a very nice experience at Dr. Jorgensen's office. A friend suggested me to see him. The staff was very nice. My son is very anxious about doctors and dentists and Dr. J. made him feel very comfortable. We visited another doctor and we liked Dr. J's suggestions for my son's treatment much better. I can't wait for him to have a nice smile! Thank you Dr. J. and the staff. A special thank you for Ms. Darlene—she explained everything about the process and treatment for my son. She was very nice and helpful.

Sylvia Hunter
Rio Rancho, NM

Gained a ton of confidence... Thanks Dr. J!

Our experience with Dr. J. has been phenomenal. Dr. J. and his staff are very friendly and always make our visits pleasant. Also, my son's teeth are absolutely beautiful and with his teeth looking so great, he has gained a ton of confidence. Thanks Dr. J.!

Janice Montoya
Albuquerque, NM

Always answering any concerns or questions

My daughter came into Dr. Jorgensen's office just under two years ago. She had an overbite, teeth twisted almost 45 degrees, etc. Every time we came to his beautiful office, we were treated by his professional and exemplary staff…always answering any concerns or questions. Today, my daughter has perfect teeth that will be with her the rest of her life! I would have no hesitation at recommending anyone to him and his staff!

Chloe Bloxham
Albuquerque, NM

The fresh smell of cookies is intoxicating!

When you walk into Dr. J.'s office it's an experience you won't soon forget. The fresh smell of cookies is intoxicating and makes you want to come back to the office again and again to get braces. Everyone is really great in the office!

Scott Moon
Albuquerque, NM

Used a... temporary anchor so I wouldn't have to have surgery!

I love a lot of things about Dr. Jorgensen's office. The people are friendly and always make you feel welcome (especially the Doc). The music is great and the goodie bags are a special treat. Dr. Jorgensen used a new technique called a temporary anchor in the roof of my mouth so I wouldn't have to have jaw surgery. I did real well with them. He was so happy! He made me feel like a celebrity when I came in to have it checked. I always look forward to my visits even though my mouth hurts like heck the next day. I am really happy with my braces and so is my daughter. Thanks for being who you are!

Marie Garcia
Jemez Pueblo, NM

Very nice and pleasant

I was scared at first and thought braces were going to be very painful but was surprised that you have made my experience very nice and pleasant.  I don't even mind coming back for any of my check-ups. Thank you!

Adryan Baca
Bernalillo, NM

Only orthodontist in town worth giving your time, money, and children to!

We love Dr. J. and the entire office staff. Every visit is a joy and we come away feeling successful in that continued progress is made each and every visit. I know as a mother that Dr. J.'s office is a positive experience when my daughter (the patient) is asking when her next appointment is. She looks forward to coming to the office. The environment is happy, friendly, and with the contests and treats, there is always something to look forward to. Thank you for making the treatment process FANTASTIC! Dr. J's is the only orthodontist in town worth giving your time, money, and children to. Our time here in the office is so worthwhile. We will always send referrals here. Thank you for enhancing our lives.

Sloan Lovin
Albuquerque, NM

Always positive and energetic

Everything about my visits have been very positive. Dr. J. explains things really well. He is always positive and energetic. All the technicians have been very caring and understanding and more than happy to take care of anything that comes up with wires, etc.

Kellie Hood
Albuquerque, NM

My daughter can ask questions

We love the atmosphere and all of the employees! My daughter feels welcome by the staff and feels like she can ask questions. I feel like I could call day or night with a problem and not need to wait for assistance. We love it here and have already referred THREE people!

Crista Chavez
Rio Rancho, NM

My daughter is always enthusiastic about coming to spin the prize wheel

The first time I walked into the office I thought I was in the wrong place. The last time I was in an orthodontic office was when I was 8 years old—yeah a looooong time ago J  Everything in my childhood orthodontic office was brown, smelly, and loud. At Dr. Jorgensen's office, a lovely receptionist greeted (and continues to greet) me with warmth. I honestly wondered if they placed Vasoline on their teeth to help keep a constant smile on their faces. Things here are calm, happy, and outgoing which makes me want to return. My daughter is always enthusiastic about coming to spin the prize wheel (which reminds me of "Wheel of Fortune"). We are happy to be here and grateful for all the service you give to our community. 

Joyleen Frey
Rio Rancho, NM

My girls chose Dr. Jorgensen

We had a great experience with Dr. Jorgensen's office. The staff is professional and the doctor is nice and polite. He takes the time to explain or answer any questions we might have. Also, the relationship with the kids is great. I have two children with braces. Before choosing an orthodontist I asked the girls about their experience/feelings when visiting other orthodontists; both girls felt in good hands with Dr. Jorgensen. Needless to say, I felt the same way. We really like this office—it has a home feeling (and the cookies are great!!). Thanks Dr. Jorgensen for the work that you do! And thanks to the staff for making my children comfortable.

Alma Rivas
Albuquerque, NM

What a transformation!

I have three children under Dr. J.'s care. My youngest had the worst teeth issues of all. She had a crossbite and an underbite. Dr. J. did an amazing job getting all of her issues fixed—what a transformation! My oldest is one month away from getting her braces off and already it is amazing how her teeth look! I can't wait until she gets them off to see her beautiful smile. My middle child had a huge gap in the middle of his front teeth and Dr. J. got that fixed in no time! Also, we love Katrina, cause you should see what she can do with o-rings and chains—the color combinations and the time she takes! Great office, great Dr.! Thanks for what you have done for my kids!

Carla Wade
Rio Rancho, NM

Gentle, knowledgeable, and caring

I have found Dr. J. and his entire staff to be extremely professional as well as gentle, knowledgeable and caring. They are accommodating with appointments. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this office. I highly recommend Dr. Jorgensen to anyone looking for orthodontic care. I have had three of my five children in braces all at the same time.

Angela Hakala
Rio Rancho, NM

Makes me want to get braces so I can come here!

This office is the most pleasant and friendly place we have ever been. It's beautiful in here. Your whole staff is wonderful. Dr. J is a lifesaver for us. Our daughter was seeing someone else who wanted to pull her teeth out. We were told to get a second opinion with Dr. J and it's been wonderful ever since. It is very clean here. You all care so much for each and every one of your patients. Makes me want to get braces so I can come here! My daughter loves coming to your office. You are always thinking of everyone…t-shirts, giveaways, always making the patient and their parents feel welcome. Your fish tank is so beautiful. Lucky Fish! I love the way you all dress alike. Your hours are great! Enjoy the freshly baked cookies! I like getting recognition if we are spotted out somewhere by you in a Dr. Jorgensen t-shirt. Dr. J goes over everything that he is going to do; explains every little detail which makes it nice! I could go on and on about all your office—You are all the best!

Brenda Keller
Rio Rancho, NM

My boys love the video games!

All three of our children are currently being seen in the office. Our daughter has had braces and is now doing the Zoom! teeth whitening. The girls at the front desk are so friendly and accommodating. They have made her experience exceptional. Both of my boys are doing two phases of braces. They love coming to the office and enjoy playing the video games, fish watching, and of course, the COOKIES! Overall we have been exceptionally pleased with the practice and knowledge of Dr. J. and his staff. Thanks J

Michelle Benedict
Rio Rancho, NM

A positive role model

Our experience in Dr. Jorgensen's orthodontic office is great. It's very positive and upbeat. Our son has even mentioned becoming an orthodontist. Thanks for being such a positive role model.

Michelle Lucero
Albuquerque, NM

I wouldn't go anywhere else!

I feel very comfortable bringing my kids to Dr. Jorgensen's office. Everyone is very friendly and they all seem very knowledgeable. The system you have going makes everything run smoothly. The kids look forward to eating the cookies and playing the arcade games. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Rachel Gonzales
Rio Rancho, NM

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